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Turn your property into an investment

Guarantee yourself a steady monthly cashflow for your property

How it works?


1. Contact us or fill out the form below;

2. Arrange a meeting at the property; 

3. Property evaluation&financial analysis;

4. Discussion of terms;

5. Contract review;

6. Referencing;

7. Contract signing;

8. First payment+deposit transfer&standing order arrangement;

9. Keys exchange.

Sit back, receive monthly cashflow hassle free and enjoy the time with your family or activities you love most.

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How long does it take to turn my property into an investment?
On average it takes 3 days from introduction to contract signing and keys exchange. This also depends on when the property is available and the landlord knowledge about the investment model. From our side we are able to evaluate and finalise the deal in as much as 3 hours.

What other costs are there?
No other costs. We will cover all the voids and billls, so your monthly payment will continue staying as it is as per contract.

Who is responsible for the maintenance?

We are. All maintenance will be covered by us, meaning you will not be bothered by us on a Sunday afternoon about the broken door handle or a sink leak. Except major costs such as boiler replacement.

How is maintenance taken care of?

We are proud to have integrated a new software system which allows us to solve maintenance problems efficiently. We have worked with software developers for 7 months before putting the software to work, which has changed our investment model drastically. Today, the software connects us, the tenant and the tradesmen, which allows us to follow the tasks routine as efficiently as possible.

What is your recommended term to go for?

We recommend starting out with 24-36 months term.

To begin with we will be investing a significant amount of capital into the property to maintain the property to a high standard for a long term, this way we are able to attract great quality tenants and make it work for all parties involved.

More questions?

Call us now                          or fill out the form below.

Turn your property into an investment
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